Citrus Mint Mushroom Tea | Shroomies | 10 x 1g Bag


Citrus Mint Mushroom Tea by Shroomies

1G Per bag – 10G total (Dried Ground Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom)

Storage: Store product in a cool dark place.

Keep out of reach from children. Please use responsibly and with caution.

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Check out Shroomies new line of Mushroom Teas!

Citrus Mint Flavour!

One of the best ways to consume mushrooms especially for those with sensitive stomachs. Mushroom teas hit faster and harder but last for a shorter time than taking dried mushrooms.

They start with their top-shelf psilocybin mushrooms and infuse them with a delicious blend of honey, lemon, ginger and citric acid. Their custom blend harnesses the power of ginger for healthy digestion, citric acid to maximize absorption, with citrus and mint to cultivate a delicious flavour.

Easy to make, just pour boiling water into a cup with a teabag,  steep and let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes. Use the bag twice to reap all of the benefits.

Great for personal exploration or to enjoy with others on a summer camping trip. Always start with a smaller dose if you are not an experienced psychonaut  🙂

Contains: Dried Mint Leaves, Dried Citrus Peels (Lime, Lemon, Orange) Dried Ginger, Citric Acid and One gram of Mushrooms per bag.


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