Shroomies | Micro-Dose Capsules | Control | 80mg Psilocybin Caps


Single micro-dose

Each 200mg capsule contains:

  • 80mg – Psilocybe cubensis
  • 55mg – Reishi
  • 55mg Chaga
  • 10mg CBD

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Check out Shroomies new line of Micro-Dose Psilocybin Capsules!


The wait is over for the Shroomies line of mushroom capsules. This micro-dose cap is an elite bio hacking tool thats sure to become new go to in your self care tool box. Reduce or eliminate addictive behaviour, override triggers by creating new neural pathways, strengthen your willpower and kick unwanted habits – even boost your overall mood and wellbeing.

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Ps. The bottles even have two micro-dosing schedules (Fadiman and Stamets) on the side for easy reference and dosing!